Flipkart Big Diwali Sale Offers 2016 : 29th to 30th October

Riding on the back of the resounding success of the Big Billion Days Sale, Flipkart is all set to make this Diwali all the more special for YOU. The online shopping giant is geared to bring comparable great offerings your way in the garb of the “Big Diwali Sale”….. on the  29th & 30th of October, 2016.

So, start making your wish list right away and set the ball rolling by availing all the exciting deals and offers that are up for grabs. Yes, the Grand Flipkart Diwali Sale promises to bring more cheer to the Festival of Lights by offering the best deals on mobiles, electronics, gadgets, apparels, diwali gifts and appliances, like never before!

Are you ready for the greatest savings of the year?

More Joys this Diwali!


What’s more? Not just the products, but special discount offers for citibank credit & debit card holders, as well as cash back offers for the heavy shoppers, would also be on at this Sale. With dealers falling over one another to give their valued customers the best possible prices, you may expect a lot of rush at this Sale. With this in view, the entire team at Flipkart is geared up to make this Diwali shopping experience a truly memorable one for all buyers. Wait no longer and look forward to enjoying the numerous experiences that will go a long way in making the “Mega Flipkart Diwali Sale” a truly memorable rewarding one for you too!

Get ready for 29th & 30th October – whatever time – and look for anything that you may have dreamed of having ……it’s all coming to you at the Flipkart Great Happy Diwali Sale. Enjoy!

Flipkart Happy Diwali Sale Deals & Offers

1. Great Prices and Deals for Mobiles

The candles and crackers of Diwali 2016 are echoing with some of the greatest deals and benefits that you rightfully deserve. Say “Happy Diwali” in style with a smart new mobile phone in your hand. With exciting discounts in store on high-performance mobiles and feature-packed smartphones from big brands like Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, Asus, Apple, and Xiaomo Mi, you certainly cannot ask for more!

So, rejoice and grab the HUGE DISCOUNTS and BIG EXCHANGE OFFERS that are luring you to buy popular mobile phones like Moto G3, Lenovo k3 Note, Huwaei Honor smartphones, Asus Zenfones , Xiaomo Mi & Redmi mobiles…… At the best possible prices ever!

2. Best Electronics Offers on Flipkart Sale

This Diwali, your purchase of electronics items and gadgets is all set to bring attractive discounts your way! Wait no longer and start counting the different appliances and gadgets that you would like to lay your hands on at lucrative prices. From laptops, computer accessories, tablets, cameras and gaming consoles, to a lot more……The Flipkart Happy Diwali Sale has it all!

3. The Best Deals on Televisions

Did you miss out on the offers that Mrs Kapoor latched onto the last time around? Well, you can go one better now! How? The offers are back again, and in better ways. Just browse through the festive offers on all flat screen TVs and LED TVs on display; they are truly unbeatable and also coupled with attractive EMI payment schemes. So, giving the nose up to Mrs Kapoor would be a done thing after this Sale.

With astounding features like surround sound, high definition, and a lot more on offer on all TVs, you will surely be at a loss for choice. Coupled with Flipkart’s truly unbeatable prices, where else would you want to shop? Whatever might your requirement the home, office or the club house, don’t hesitate to find the best deals available…. right here on the Grand Appliance Sale. For instance, if you have been eyeing an enviable 65 inch LED with mind blowing features; you need not rob a bank to have the same. Log on to the Flipkart app and be assured of grabbing the price that you would have liked to pay. Right away.

Just buy the TV of your choice … the time in front of the coach will never be the same again…… and, those cricket matches would take on new colours and life!!!

4. Huge Discounts and Savings on Large Appliances

Gone are those days when a two door refrigerator was the talk of many homes. Today’s very large models, with a capacity of 500 litres or more, can all be had at affordable discounted prices. Most washing machine companies are offering attractive exchange schemes this festive season too. Sansui is making a few new launches of its appliance range during this period. Let price not deter you from owning a product. Believe it; shopping will never be the same for large appliances after this Diwali Dhamaka Sale. With prices at an all time low at the Grand Appliance Festival Sale, you surely could not be asking for more. Here, do note that there are special combo offers also as part of the plans this Diwali… only at Flipkart!

Look around you and think of all that you would wish to add to your home, office, store or commercial space. By buying the latest in air conditioners (the inverter driven models can all be had at very attractive prices), maintaining a cool head in summers would be an easy task now. At this Sale, most banks are offering very attractive EMI schemes to attract potential customers. In addition, there are plenty of freebies thrown in to bring more appliance-based comforts to your homes. Almost all major manufacturers are throwing in hefty discounts to make their appliances that much more attractive to the customers. So, if you are about to buy a large or small appliance, Flipkart is where you should be!

Your wait will surely be rewarded with the numerous discounts and offerings of the festive season. The inviting deals on appliances would make even the stringiest miser loosen his pockets. Relish the discounted ride, especially at this time of the year, and bring in more smiles… for you and your loved ones alike!

5. Exciting Discounts and Deals on Small Appliances

If you have made up your mind on the type and model of the appliance that you need for your home or work place, then, take the next step forward. Do browse the offerings on the Flipkart website or app, find the gadget that fits in, and get yourself the appliance at the best attractive price available. In case you do have a requirement, but have not decided on the appliance, look no further. Simply log in, browse the offerings, and you will certainly find that dream buy. From fans, water purifiers, vacuum cleaners and irons to all other kitchen appliances, and a lot more, the right deal is waiting for you at Flipkart. Don’t miss it. So, wait no further and log on to the Flipkart and decide on what you need. The shipment is waiting to be dispatched to you!

6. Diwali Offers and BIG Discounts on Kitchen Appliances

Have you been dreaming of owning a specific model of a micro wave oven or a snazzy juicer, that flashy induction cook top, or the plain-looking electric kettle? Just get on to Flipkart, find what fits your requirements from a wide range of kitchen appliances on offer, and just click away. The kitchen appliances purchased by you will reach your door step in no time. More over; there are strong chances that you would be getting free items along with your needs. You surely enjoy a free lunch, don’t you?

7. Deals on Fashion Products for Best Prices

Be it that much-desired jewellery, clothes or set of shoes; trust Flipkart to get it all to you at the best possible rates too. You could save many visits to the shopping malls with these fashion products at home, right? With the best Flipkart deals by your side, you might have a tough time on deciding what goes with what. Right from the exciting Levis to the more sedate biba brand, they are all available at this site. You would love to look around and see what else is on offer, and then buy all that you would require in future. Just in case you like the freebies that come along with the product, that’s well too. Get set to get the best discounts on your fashion accessories, you deserve them!

8. Amazing discounts on Home &Furniture Products

Browse through the hundreds of offerings in the Home & Furniture category and check out the multitude of discounts on offer. Select all that suits your style and taste, and grab mind-blowing savings. Be it the low coffee table or the bedlamp that matches your curtains, there is bound to be an item for all your needs and fancy. Pick the entire lot of furniture or just about mix and match; you are never out of ideas on the Flipkart site. This online shopping portal takes pleasure in bringing to life the most mundane of items with unbeatable pricing especially this Diwali. From curtains, doormats, to dinner sets; the catalogues on the Flipkart have all that matches the themes and colour of your interiors – grab them all before they start vanishing!

Fulfil your smallest desires in bringing home impressive furniture sets and home products at very affordable prices. Each and every piece is carefully packed and despatched with the utmost care to ensure deliveries with no damage. The standard refund policy of the site holds good at all times, assuring you of Flipkart’s committed services, time and again.

9. Extra Discount via Citibank Cards

As a Citibank credit / debit card holder, you have plenty of other benefits and discounts coming your way! Yes, on all the three days of this MAGNUM Sale, you can enjoy a whopping EXTRA 15% cashback on the discounted products that are showcased on Flipkart. Here, you need a minimum transaction amount of Rs. 3,000/- to avail the offer. The maximum permissible discount that’s up for grabs on every card is Rs. 3000/-. Hurry!!!

Log on to the Flipkart Diwali Sale

The Grand Diwali Sale is all set to shine brightly in your homes too. Let the festive spirit of celebration be fulfilled through the offerings on Flipkart. And, may your shopping experiences be better than ever before. Whatever you could wish for, rest assured, it’s there on Flipkart on Diwali Dhamaka Sale. There are no limit to the kinds and models of articles that you would find here. Flipkart is bringing the right products with the best deals, to you!

Let the light shine bright in every home and the Goddess Lakshmi bring light into very heart………..with Flipkart  Happy Diwali Sale offers on October 29th and 30th!

Be there… only on the Flipkart app!

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