Amazon Citibank Offer 2017 : Cashback on Citi Credit & Debit Cards

Make this season more special by using the best Amazon Citibank offer of 10% cashback for credit card and debit card holders! Amazon announces 10% additional cashback offer for all the Citibank card users from 4th October to 8th October 2017 . Hurry before the offer expires!

Amazon Offer For Citi Debit and Credit Card Holders : Get up to 10% Cashback on !

Are you a Citibank account holder? Do you have a Citibank credit or debit card with you?

Even if you personally don’t have a Citibank debit or credit card, you can borrow the same from a loved one for the sake of enjoying 10% cashback on, since it is celebrating the special occasion of Amazon Great Indian Sale .

What is it that you are looking to buy?

Whether you want to buy a brand new laptop or are planning to replace your old mobile phone with a new one, whether you are looking to buy an electronic item for your kitchen or change the style of your wardrobe by adding some trendy garments, everything is available for you at a cashback offer, but only if you have a Citibank credit or debit card with you.

You can use this offer on a single transaction of a minimum amount of Rs.3000 and more. This offer is valid from 4th October to 8th October 2017.

Please note that the cancelled transactions won’t be able to avail the offer and the maximum discount is Rs.2000 per card.

If you use the website of Amazon to make the purchase, you get 10% and on the other hand, if you use Amazon’s app on your mobile for shopping, you enjoy 10% off!

How To Avail the Citibank Offer on Amazon?

Availing the discount is no big deal; all you need to do is follow the following five simple steps for the same:

Step 1: Visit

The first thing that you need to do is decide whether you want to use the website of Amazon or the app for the sake of your online shopping needs. Instead of using the website on your computer, download the mobile app so that you can get additional 5% off and enjoy 10% Amazon Citibank cashback offer. Since this offer is not going to remain for a long period of time, make sure you have the list ready of all those things that you wish to buy. Scroll through the gallery of products on this website and find out what’s missing at home and in your life so that you can complete the empty spaces by buying the same.

Step 2: Login to your account; in case you don’t hold an account on Amazon, register by signing up:

If you have always been using for your online shopping requirements, you can use your old ID and password to login to your account. However, if this is your first time and you have never used Amazon before, register yourself by signing up and then moving on to the next step to avail the offer.

Step 3: Shop and add all the products to your cart:

Once you have created your account on Amazon or you have logged in, you need to buy all those products that you want to. If you didn’t do this on the first step, you can now scroll through various products on the gallery of Amazon and find out what are the things that you’d like to buy. Keep selecting products and make sure you increase the transaction price up to Rs.5000 or more so that you are eligible to get the Citibank debit and credit card offer for your shopping on Amazon’s website or the app.

Step 4: When you are at the page for payment, use your Citibank credit or debit card:

Instead of using the other cards for the payment, you need to use your Citibank credit or debit cards in order to get the special Citibank amazon offer. Make the payment with the help of your Citibank card and patiently wait for the cashback to bounce and reflect into your account.

Step 5: The cashback will be credited to your bank account by January 2018 :

If you think you are going to get the cashback within a day or two, you must know that the entire transaction takes at least 90 days. You have to wait patiently so that you receive the cashback (10% if you have used the website of Amazon for shopping) and you enjoy the luxury of having your very own account in a well-known bank like Citibank. This special treatment is given only to Citibank credit and debit card holders and thus, you must not miss using the Citibank offer on Amazon.

Grab Citibank Additional Cashback Offer Right Now

Amazon’s Special Offer for Citibank Customers:

If more members in your family have Citibank credit or debit cards, you can always buy different things for your entire house and save a good amount of money on your shopping addiction on!

Also, this is the best period for you to buy products in bulk so that you can gift them to your loved ones on their special days this year. Don’t let this golden opportunity slip out of your hands because it is worth every single buck you spend on it!

Citibank: Know your Bank

Citibank is not a newly introduced bank in the market; it has been in the industry for a long period of time and thus, it has been serving thousands of people with good quality services at their best. Citibank keeps partnering with different brands for the sake of bringing the best offers for its account holders. This time, it has chosen so that it can collaborate with a brand that is highly trusted by most of the people around the country. Thanks to this wonderful offer, Citibank account holders can now enjoy all the products at 10% cashback offer, which they would receive in the period of 90 days.

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