Apple iPhone 8 Online Offers in India on Amazon and Flipkart

Wondering how to get iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus online offers in India on Amazon and Flipkart? Here’s all the information you need for this mind-boggling brand!

You have finally decided to buy iPhone 8, but wait! Before you do that do check the online iPhone 8 offers, festive deals, cashback coupons, exchange offers and detailed specifications.

Alongside the new iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus has launched and both these are hi-spec phones loaded with new impressive features than the previous versions.

Announced on the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhones, both these phones aim to reshape the landscape of mobile world to the great extent. These phones are the newest additions to the iPhones lineup and have been revamped extravagantly in terms of functionality, features, and performance.

So, if you are planning to purchase the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, then do check the iPhone 8 offers on Amazon and flipkart, which can help you get the best deal and save a hello lots of bucks.

Yes, these phones are available on Amazon India and Flipkart and not on other e-commerce stores! Even if you may find them on other online outlets, still you will not be able to get an as best deal as being offered by these two.

The Amazon India and Flipkart have already announced their competitive deals!

So, if you desire or have concluded to flaunt any of these in your lifestyle, then have a quick glance at the best deals, prices, specifications, and offers announced by these two stores in India!

Unveiling the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Online Prices in India

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus are hi-tech phones power-packed with multiple astounding features that one would want in his next purchase. If you are among those who always buy the next announced from the iPhone series, then this phone will impress you with its new features. But as compared to the previous versions, you have to spend some additional bucks from your pocket.

The price of iPhone 8 Plus for 64GB in India is INR 72,990 (expected) at the launch and for 256GB is INR 73,000 in India. While for the Apple iPhone 8, you have to pay an expected price of INR 64,000 for 64GB and for 256GB you have to pay INR 77,000 in India.

Alarmed with the high prices? If yes, then you can always check the iPhone 8 online prices India offers at Amazon and Flipkart, which might be lucrative and save you a lot of money. Also, the two e-commerce stores may offer cash backs or buy back offers that can save you great sums.

So, do check for the offers and only then book the final purchase!

iPhone 8 Pre-Order Date – For You to Make Early Bookings

The pre-order date for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is opening on 22nd September 2017 in India. This implies that you can place your order right now.

So, if you are ready to spend so many bucks and want to be among the first few flaunting this classy phone, then you can make bookings now. But, if you desire to own this phone yet want to wait for some lucrative online iPhone 8 offers in India, then you can definitely keep the bookings on a halt.

Pre-Order Offers :

1 – Additional Rs 10,000 cashback with Citibank credit and Citi world debit cards .

2 – Rs 10000 discount via exchange offer .

Pre-Order Now from Amazon India

Pre-Order from Flipkart

Offers on Amazon – Your Key to Get the Best Deal!

While the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in India still has couples of days to go, the two giant commerce stores – Amazon and Flipkart have already announced their offers.

The first sale on Amazon India will begin from 29th September 2017, but you can make prior bookings and get access to their wonderful offer of cashback. If you make a booking from Amazon India before or till 24th September 2017 then you will get a 10% cashback offer on purchases made with HDFC Bank Credit or Debit Card.

Offers on Flipkart – Get the Best Worth for Your Money!

Just like Amazon India, even Flipkart is ready to drive on wheels and has announced a lucrative offer for pre-orders made for iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus in India.

As per the iPhone 8 offers on Flipkart, you can avail a 10% cashback on orders booked from Flipkart before or until 24th September 2017 for purchases made with SBI Bank Credit or Debit Cards.

If you are really crazy about the iPhone series, then making a pre-booking on any of these online platforms can help you avail these exclusive cashback offers. So, if you want the Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone Plus at the earliest, then wait no more and make the bookings at the earliest.

Specifications of Apple iPhone 8

While these offers have definitely made you wanting these gadgets right away, knowing the specifications and other important details about the two phones will give you an edge while confirming your decision.

So, let us first glance at the iPhone 8 Specifications.

The Apple iPhone 8 is the newest flagship with numerous impressive amendments and additions. It comes with a sporty curved glass back enclosed in the metal frame, which is different from the regular aluminum frame. Alike other iPhones, the home button doubles up as a fingerprint reader. The newest and one of the biggest introduction is the wireless charging technology.

With a screen size of 4.7 inches Super IPS LCD screen, it offers crystal clarity even under the sun. The touch screen is equipped with a built-in Touch ID and features Force Touch Display Technology. In addition to the multiple viewing angles, the phone comes with an efficient 10nm manufacturing unit. It is powered by a 64-bit Apple A11 chipset that promises a seamless phone experience.

The iPhone 8 offers come with all possible connectivity options of 4G, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, GPS, micro-USP type C port, and Wi-Fi 802.11. With a Li-Po 2,100 mAh battery, it offers wireless charging mechanism.

There is a 12MP rear camera supported with a double-tone LED flash. So, every time you make a click you can expect top quality and flawless images even when the light is dim or unavailable. Even there is a special mode for clicking the perfect, impeccable selfie and for this, the phone houses an 8MP front camera. The phone offers an expandable 64GB memory space, which is enough to store movies, songs, videos, images, and other entertainment stuff that you want to be there on your phone.

Specifications of iPhone 8 Plus

Now, let us dig the specifications, design details, and exclusivities of the iPhone 8 Plus.

It is the first phone from the Apple’s iPhone series with a glass back, which Apple guarantees to be the toughest glass ever. Just like iPhone 7, even it lacks a headphone jack. The stereo speakers at the bottom and top are new and are claimed to be 20% louder than the previous versions.

The iPhone 8 Plus comes with a regular HD LCD screen size of 5.5 inches with bezels around the sides. Besides 401 pixels per inch, the screen comes with a Touch ID fingerprint in the home button.

It houses a 6-core chip running 25% faster than the iPhone 7 Plus. This new device operates on the A11 Bionic chipset that the company claims will offer 30% faster graphics than the already ones in the market.

Also, there is a Bluetooth 5 tech built-in allowing efficient and faster connections. The phone is available with 64GB and 256GB storage onboard. Also, it will launch the novel iOS 11 software.

Even, it is the first Apple phone with wireless charging and supporting Qi wireless charging. So, if you have a chain of stores to operate then this will be one of the best gadgets that you can own. Also, it works well with the third-party chargers, from reputed brands like Ikea, Belkin, and Mophie.

You will get the iPhone 8 Plus with a dual 7MP front camera and 12MP rear camera. While the wide angle sensor holds an aperture of f/1.8, the telephoto holds an aperture of f/2.8. So, the camera is almost the same as that in Apple iPhone 7. The ‘Portrait lighting’ is the new feature in iPhone 8 Plus that uses both the machine learning and sensors for mapping the face within the clicks.

Last but not the least, Apple announces the iPhone 8 Plus to be one of the best phones for video recording ever in the history of smartphones. It offers 4K 60fps video and 1080p 240fpd slow motion and swift video frames. The augmented reality or AR is the new feature along with gaming, real-time player, and a sky map.

iPhone 8 Colors available in India

The iPhone 8 in India is available in a wide gamut of colors, such as Jet Black, Silver, Rose Gold, White, Black, and Gold.

While the iPhone 8 Plus in India is available in four different colors, Gold, Silver, White, and Space Grey.

Both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are phones of unmatched appearance and functionality. With the lucrative iPhone 8 offers, you can definitely get the best deals for these tech-spec phones in India.


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