Flipkart Upcoming Sales, Offers & Dates January 2018 : 80% Discount

Get tempted with Flipkart upcoming sales of January 2018 and offers details! This year, let your temptations win and shop guilt-free at heavy discounts! Flipkart’s next sale promises to change your life. All the upcoming flipkart sale deals, offers, dates, and coupons are designed especially For You!

Forget about all the sales happening at different places because the Father of the Sales is HERE! If you haven’t heard of Flipkart upcoming sale 2018, you are missing out on something that can completely change your lifestyle! This year, it is going to be bigger than ever before because this year, Flipkart wants to be ahead in the race of competition. Thus, in order to keep the customers satisfied and attract more visitors to its e-store, it is ensuring to bring some incredible sales.

During the upcoming sale on Flipkart, the customers will enjoy special bank cashback offers! With your credit and debit card, you can get up to 10% extra cashback!

All the customers of Flipkart know how essential the Flipkart next sale period is for them; firstly, this e-store is quite prominent for all those brands that sell their products under its name. You don’t have to search for any brand, they display their products in such a way that you automatically realize which things you need to buy and how much you save when you buy them. Secondly, you have so much of variety that you don’t feel like stopping by at any other e-store. Flipkart sale dates are different, depending upon occasion and seasons.

The coolest thing about Flipkart upcoming offers on mobiles is that you can now own any cellphone that you have been dreaming of. From electronics to fashion accessories, from things that you can gift to your loved ones to branded cosmetics, from mobile phones to books, Flipkart is going to be that one destination for everything that you need at an affordable price. Gone are the days when you thought you couldn’t afford that expensive shirt, it is time for you to not only buy just that, but also matching accessories so that you can flaunt a brand new style without letting anyone know how the Flipkart sale today has benefitted you.

In simple words – Flipkart sale is all that you have been looking for!

New Year brings new things to shop for during the month of January 2018!

Once you enter the year 2018, you would want to replace some of your old stuff, get rid of your old dresses that were once your favorite and change your style. With Flipkart’s sales, you can do the same.

• Flipkart New Year Sale – crazy and new: After December, which is the next Flipkart sale coming soon? It is the NEW YEAR SALE! It is going to begin on 1st of January 2018 and will last for as long as 5th of January 2018! Don’t miss the sale or else you will be in the hangover for too long.

• Republic Day Sale – an incredible parade of products: The Flipkart Republic Day 2018 Sale will take place from 21st January to 23rd January 2018, just when the special day is going to spread its patriotic feelings in the hearts of all the people living in the country. After Flag Hoisting, all you have to do is enjoy shopping on Flipkart with your family.

Let’s have a quick look at flipkart upcoming sale dates, deals and best offers in January 2018 :

1 – Up to 60% discount on electronic items, laptops, tablets, cameras, gadgets, Tv’s, Appliances, clothing, etc at the Flipkart Republic Day Sale from 21st January to 23rd January 2018.

2 – Republic Day Sale on Smartphones is live on flipkart. Up to Rs 10,000 discount is available on mobile phones.

Claim Republic Day Sale Discount Offers on Mobile Phones

3 – Bumper discount on Republic day Sale on Computers and Electronics items.

View all the best deals on Electronics

4 – Huge discount on Flipkart Fashion Sale. Many fashion products are available with up to 90% discount.Hurry Up! This is limited time sale.

View Flipkart Fashion End of Season Sale Offers

5 – Minimum 50% discount on best selling furniture. This Flipkart sale is valid for today only.

6 – Citibank 10% cashback offer on 21st, 22nd and 23rd January 2018.

Check out Citibank Offer Full Terms and Conditions

Special Valentine’s Day sale in February!

This Valentine is going to be an awesome one not only for you, but for all your loved ones. Wondering why? Keep reading!

•Valentine’s Day Sale – a sale like never before: You may want to gift something extraordinary to your partner next year, especially if you ruined the special day this year. Valentine’s Day is all about love and in order to express it, people take the help of different gifts. What if we say that you can now buy an expensive gift without spending too much? During the second week of February 2018, Flipkart is going to host an awesome Valentine’s Day Sale for all the lovers in the country. This means that you can now buy gifts for all your loved ones in order to express how much they mean to you.

Drown in colors during the month of March!

Are you a fan of Holi? Then gift yourself some stuff, along with colors on this occasion.

• Flipkart Holi Sale – a colorful sale period for colorful customers: Holi is the season of love and colors; no matter where you are, your friends and relatives make sure that you are dipped in colors. They break your doors, enter into your house and fill you with colors. Similarly, in 2018, Flipkart will fill your heart with different colors of discounts. You will get a chance to enjoy up to 70% off on certain products, along with 10% cashback offers by all those banks that have tied up with this e-store. No doubt your Holi is going to be extra colorful in 2018, since the sale will be on 1st of March!

The hottest Summer Sale in April!

April will be hotter than ever before not because of the sun, but because of the awesome sale on Flipkart.

• Summer Sale – the warmest discounts and cashback offers: Flipkart sale on mobiles is something that everybody waits for. During the third week of April, 2018, there will be massive discounts on all the cellphones that have already created a boom in the market and even those that are yet to release. If you want to wait for a few months before you buy a brand new phone for yourself, wait until this period so that you can get awesome discounts on Flipkart. Don’t worry – this sale period is worth the wait – since you will get additional 10% cashback offers on your credit or debit cards, too, if your bank joins hands with Flipkart.

The continued heat of sale in the month of May!

There are only a few e-stores that come up with discounts and offers in the month of May; one of them is Flipkart.

• Flipkart Home Shopping Days – shopping made special during the end of summer: The last week of May is generally the toughest one in India, since the summer is at its extreme. In order to cool down the temperature, you can switch on your AC, switch on your laptop and shop during the Flipkart Home Shopping Days sale period!

Go for guilt free online shopping in the month of June!

Whether you are an excited college student or an office goer, this month is going to be extra-special for you.

• Back to college sale – a special sale for special customers: The next Sale on Flipkart will take place during the third week of June 2018 and it is going to be especially for college students. Not that the others can’t buy things, but clothes, fashion accessories, bags and other such things will be available at affordable rates, along with special cashback offers on certain credit and debit cards.

• End of reason sale – a mad sale for shopaholics: Flipkart biggest sale happens during the last week of June, just when all the e-stores are done with their sale periods. This e-store believes in starting just when the other e-stores end and thus, you can get as high as 70% off on a lot of products that you generally buy for your fashion and lifestyle needs. Before this sale begins, we advise you to create a list of all those things that you would want to buy so that you can fill your virtual cart before the stock finishes!

It’s Raining SALE in the Month of July !

Here’s a rain of sale on Flipkart.

•  Flipkart TV Days  – can you ask for anything more? : Do you remember that amazing television set you saw at your friend’s place? If that’s what has been running in your mind all this time, you can now own it!

‘But it is too expensive!’ you say.

Of course it is expensive, but not during the sale on Flipkart. If you want to buy a brand new television set for your house or new office, this is your only chance. During this rainy season, let there be a rainfall of electronic items in your life. Check the TV set you want to buy and find out the difference between the original price and the price during the SALE period; the difference is what you SAVE! Some of the TV brands are providing their customers with almost 30% discount during the second week of July; this is surely more than you can ever ask for!

• The Home Shopping Days Parade – you won’t regret spending during this time: If you are looking for an affordable makeover for your house, don’t you dare miss this opportunity! From 21st July to 23rd July, you can buy all the furniture, home décor, kitchen and dining and TV and appliances at affordable rates because you’d be able to get things at up to 70% OFF! The craziest thing is that there are a lot of things that you’d be getting under Rs.299! Don’t believe us? Well, save the dates so that you don’t miss this sale and then regret later!
Four-seater dining table, Bombay Dyeing bedsheets, Voltas AC, Prestige cookware and Philips air purifier are only a few things that you can buy at discounted prices! Go ahead and check all the things that you want to buy to give your house a brand new look this year!

The Season of Brotherhood and Independence is Here with the month of August!

August is a very special month for all the men and women in India and there are two reasons – it is the month of Rakshabandhan and Independence Day.

• Flipkart Rakshabandhan Sale – enhance the bond between a brother and sister: During the first week of August 2018, you can enjoy Flipkart’s sale in order to get some of the most amazing discounts on different branded products. Whether you want to buy a watch for your brother or you want to buy a designer Punjabi suit for your sister, you can get everything on Flipkart and that too at discounted prices. Flipkart sale offers are made more exciting in order to beautify the month of brotherhood and sisterhood. If you love your brother or sister, this is the e-store that you can visit to find some incredible gifts to express what they mean to you.

• Flipkart Big Freedom and Independence Day Sale – freedom to own anything and everything you want to at an affordable price: Flipkart is aware about how important Independence Day is to you. Thus, it comes up with the most awaited discounts during the second week of August 2018 so that you can buy everything in abundance without stressing too much on money. Up to 50% discounts are offered on clothes, jewelry, watches, shoes, cosmetics, electronic items and mobile phones as well.

Hundreds of products and too less time to check so you better prepare your list from this very moment!

Fashion fiesta with Fashion Sale and discounts on electronic items on Flipkart Electronics Sale in September!

This year, the month of September is going to be like a month you have never spent before!

• Fashion Sale – chilling sales for chilled out customers: When it comes to finding the best online sale in India, Flipart Fashion Sale is the one that needs to be followed. It begins during the first week of September 2018 and presents up to 70% off on certain products. Do you really want to wait for any other sale on any other e-store?

• Flipkart Electronics Sale – the big electronics sale is here: The special Flipkart Electronics Sale is meant for all the electronic freaks out there. Laptops, mobile phones, computers and all kinds of electronic items are included during this sale period. If you have credit or debit cards of certain banks, you can get additional 10% cashback offer.

Time to replace the old stuff with new on Flipkart Dussehra and Big Billion Day Sale in October 2018!

October is going to be an amazing month full of new stuff for your house, office and life. Check out the offers crafted for customers who like shopping as much as you do!

• Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale – This sale is said to be all about low prices and high spirits! Flipkart Big Billion Days is the most awaited ‘sale festival’ of the year, which takes place between 1st Oct to 4th October and on all the products that you can see on the flipkart. You get amazing discounts on home appliances, books, fashion accessories, home décor items, fitness essentials, mobile phones and everything else that you see on the e-store.

• Flipkart Dussehra sale – replace your old trend with brand new styles: This sale is said to be Flipkart mega sale since it is hosted before the big Diwali Sale. Just when Dusshera is about to come and spread its festive wings all throughout the country, this sale ensures to let the customers buy all the products that they have been waiting to own and use. After 15th October, this sale will enter into your life for all the positive reasons that you can think. From as low as 30% to as high as 70% – fantastic discounts are offered during this period for the customers.

Diwali Sale make November all the very more special!

November is not going to be the same old month anymore with all the cool offers on Flipkart.

• Flipkart Diwali Sale – fireworks of shopping on the special occasion: Flipkart Diwali Sale begins from 1st of November. This is the season of shopping since most of the people ensure to save a good amount of money to buy new things. While the land based store increase the prices of their products, Flipkart ensures to introduce the big sale for its customers.


Time for some end moment shopping with Big Shopping Days and Christmas Sale in December!

Just before the year passes and the New Year arrives, you can go ahead and shop for some more stuff to bid the year a beautiful farewell.

• Flipkart Big Shopping Days – Santa comes to town a little earlier: The first week of December 2018 is special because the ‘Big Shopping Days Sale’ begins and Christmas comes a little earlier than its usual date. All the products that you see in the gallery of Flipkart are available at discounted prices during this sale period. Need we really say anything more to tell you about this period of sale?

• Christmas Sale – here comes Santa: In case you miss any of the above mentioned sale, let Christmas sale entice your senses with discounts from 40% to 70%! You can buy your special Christmas Eve gown at an affordable price and have it shipped just in time for the party. This sale happens on 24th December and 25th December 2018.

Top Three Reasons to Shop At Flipkart Upcoming Sales:

(i) Firstly, while the other websites come up with seasonal sales, Flipkart ensures to come up with discounts and cashback offers all throughout the year so that the customers are benefitted.

(ii) Secondly, Flipkart’s upcoming sales ensure to run a quality check of all the products that are on sale. This means that just because you are buying stuff during sale doesn’t mean that you are buying low quality stuff.

(iii) Thirdly, the sale period is meant for all those who wish to shop in bulk. In fact, you benefit more when you buy more during the season of sale.

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    • Hello Atishya,
      Yeah, there was more discount on Acer predator Helios 300 G3 572 laptops during big shopping days sale.
      You can expect sale during Christmas or New year.
      Republic day 2018 sale is also coming in January 2018.

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      Christmas offer on Mi Phones is already over on 21st December.
      Now you can expect some offers during the new year.

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