SBI Amazon Offer December 2017 : 10% Cashback with State Bank Cards

The exciting SBI Amazon Offer for December 2017 will fetch Debit & Credit Cards users attractive upto 10% cash back discounts to make their shopping more fun-filled and enjoyable.

Do you know that Amazon SBI Offer is all set to get the best tidings and savings for you? There is a lot of good news in store for CashBack for State Bank Debit & Credit Cards users like you. It’s raining
cash backs and discounts in the month of December 2017 on Amazon India . There are plenty of hot deals to grab on different categories like electronics, mobile phones, laptops, electronics, televisions, appliances, clothing, and more. So, if you have been looking for the best rates on the products of your choice, then instead of looking elsewhere, get yourself some pleasantly surprising rates at Amazon India. What’s more? If you happen to be a SBI Bank customer holding a SBI debit or credit card, then you can be assured of getting smart cash backs to add more fun to your purchases.

If you are concerned about the different product categories on which these discounts and cash back offers will be applicable, then do know that the given SBI Bank offers on Amazon India buys are applicable on mobile phones, laptops, electronics, televisions, appliances, clothing, etc. Whether it is about buying a high-end laptop for yourself or a mobile phone for your loved one, you can be assured of getting the best SBI Amazon Offer in 2017 in the form of attractive cash backs when you use your SBI cards to make the payment at check out time. Here, we have outlined the exclusive SBI credit and debit card offers that will make your shopping time all the more pleasurable and fruitful.

Offer Details: State Bank of India Cashback Offer on Amazon

The Amazon India State Bank Credit Card and Debit Card offers are definitely not to be missed. When you purchase the goods of your choice on by using your State Bank cards, you avail:

(i) 10% cash back with the Debit or Credit Card of State Bank of India when you finish your purchases on by opting for its website or the mobile site for a maximum value of Rs. 1,750.

(ii) 10% cash back with the Debit or Credit Card of State Bank of India when you finish your purchases on by opting for the mobile site for a maximum value of Rs. 1500. The entire cash back amount shall be credited back your primary account to which your SBI credit or debit cards are associated with, by January 17, 2018 .

(iii) This Offer stands applicable for all transactions on, either its website or mobile application by using your SBI cards during the duration of the Offer, for a minimum amount of Rs. 5,000.

(iv) The Offer stands eligible for all successful transactions only; upon the adjustment for refunds for SBI cards, both debit cards and credit cards, during the given offer period.

(v) The maximum possible cumulative cash back for all customers stands at Rs. 1,750 across the transactions done on in the whole Offer Period.

(vi) All cancelled order(s), if any, are not applicable for cash backs and the entire amount of these orders shall stand adjusted from the given transaction amounts for the purpose of availing the Offer

(vii) For the purposes of getting discounted rats in the form of cash backs on Amazon, State Bank Cards refer to all Debit/Credit Card issued by:-

a. State Bank of India
b. State Bank of Hyderabad
c. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
d. State Bank of Travancore
e. State Bank of Mysore
f. State Bank of Patiala

(vii) SBI Amazon Offer is valid from 14th October to 17th October 2017.

Click here to Claim SBI 10% Cashback Offer

How to avail offer Amazon Offer for SBI Customers

The Amazon SBI offer is easy to avail of and promises the best returns in the easiest possible steps. If you are wondering how to go about the act and get the cash back in your kitty after making your purchase, then its time to follow the under mentioned steps:

Step 1 – Open the official website of Amazon India by typing in the URL of You will be greeted with a friendly interface that will introduce you to various product categories of your choice.

Step 2 – Login to your account to avail the deals and offers. In case you don’t have an existing account, then sign up to create your very own account without any delay.

Step 3 – Start shopping to your heart’s content and keep adding products to your shopping cart on Amazon India.

Step 4 – Once you are done and directed to the payments page make the payment via your SBI credit or debit card.

Step 5 – The cash back that you are eligible to get will be credited to your account within a span of 90 days.

Main Terms & conditions for SBI Amazon Offer

If you are wondering about the terms and conditions that apply to this offer, then you may like to go through the section below to get first hand information about what to expect when you are ready to avail your  SBI Amazon offer in 2017.

• This alluring cash back offer can also be availed on the EMI requested on your State Bank Credit cards.

• The cash back is applicable on all card payments done through State Bank credit cards or debit cards; it is applicable for the cash on delivery orders availed during the given period as well.

• However, the cash back possible as a result of this Offer will not be eligible on your purchases of Gift Cards, jewellery items, gold and some other product categories.

• SBI net banking related transactions are not eligible for this offer.

Flexible Amazon SBI EMI Offer with your SBI credit card

Get set to take the benefit of best ever EMI deals wen you use your SBI Card for making purchases on Amazon India. You need not get stressed about making upfront or one time payment for your buys On Amazon. This is because you can avail in 3, 6, 9 and 12 EMIs when you buy just about anything on this site with your SBI cards. As there is no need of any documentation, you may look forward to paying for your purchases without having to dole out any processing fees either. What’s exciting about availing EMI offers on your purchase transactions is that there are very few and easy steps that you need to follow for getting recourse to the EMI facilities.

• All SBI Credit Cards except for the Corporate Cards are eligible for this offer.

• The interest that will be chargeable on the EMIs will be on Monthly Reducing Balance method.

• An interest of 14% on a per annum basis is applicable for 3, 6, 9 and 12 EMIs.

• 3% of outstanding balance will be applied as EMI Pre-Closure charges.

Grab the Mouthwatering SBI Cards Offers on

It does not happen every day that you get hold of such interesting cash back offers to make your day so delightful. So, without wasting any more time, make sure that your SBI credit cards and debit cards are in their active state and get going with your purchase list. Once you have your wish list ready, you will find it easy to look for the product categories of your choice on Amazon India portal and its mobile application. The best thing about availing this cash back offer for SBI customers is that you can be assured of smart savings within the entire offer period on electronics, laptops, mobiles, and all other products of your choice. Get set to get the best out of your State Bank of India cards; you deserve nothing but the best!

Are you looking for Amazon Hdfc offers as well? If you happen to be an Hdfc bank customer, then the
Amazon offer for Hdfc debit and credit card users will make you get the best returns on your purchases on Amazon India without any ado. So, what are you looking around for? Just gift yourself some shopping time and get going with your purchases to get the best deals and offers in your kitty like never before. You will enjoy every bit of your shopping spree with these exciting offers in your bag.

Happy shopping with your Debit & Credit Cards, enjoy SBI Offer ; today!

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  8. I found my order I get replaced shall I still get the cashback or not.

    • Hi Shakti,
      You should get cashback as your order is replaced not cancelled .
      All Cancelled orders are not eligible for cashback .

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